WotLK on IPv6

Hi everybody,

I’m wondering if the WotLK client is IPv6 capable. It’s difficult to test because the Trinity isn’t supporting IPv6.

However I have good reasons to believe that the client may has IPv6 capabilities.

  • On the login screen is a frame where Blizzard News appears. This frame is definitely IPv6 capable. We modified the client to use a custom web-address. And I can see in my Apache log IPv6 requests from ‘Blizzard Web Client’. It works even with https on Port 443.

  • Entering in the realmlist a IPv6 only domainname and starting the client has success. In the WoW log is only a message LOGIN_STATE_FAILED result: LOGIN_SERVER_DOWN. But this is logical.

  • Blizzard was at the building time of the 3.3.5 client clever enough to use a lot of Microsoft API calls. That’s the reason why the client is even running these days without problems. May they have used a MS network framework that supports IPv4 and IPv6?

What do you think?

Unfortunately, it’s not. It uses socket(AF_INET, SOCK_STREAM, 0); to create its world connection sockets, v4 only