WOW 7.2.5 TrinityCore enemies not spawning anywhere

So I have recently set up my WOW server with Hamachi on a Dell Precision t5400 and I am able to properly connect to the server off other computers perfectly questlines, basic npcs, land, addons everything works except I began to notice problems once I got to the quest Death Comes From On High when I couldn’t scan the buildings and there were no NPC characters or enemies to be seen and its like this all around the map. I hope I posted this in the right topic section I just created an account here. I got all the repack files off of If anybody can link me to a proper WOW installation with a server setup pack that would be amazing because I honestly don’t care what version it is as long as I can set up a server so me and my friends have something to do because at the moment we’re really bored.

Also thankyou to anyone who can help.

we don’t support 7.2.5 anymore.