WoW Armory

Has anyone successfully gotten this working? I am having a hell of a time getting the achievements to work. I manually applied the patch and everything seems to be working, except the achievements. Then again I dont know what all features are included with this thing, so some others might not be working. It seems like it is not getting the data from the database, but whats weird is that it is in other areas… Maybe the table names have changed? Anyways, I cant figure out where all of that is set in the script.

Heres the original script…

[/URL][URL=“”]Shadez/wowarmory · GitHub

Here’s the fork that I am using, that also has the same exact problem as the original. I have tried both.

[/URL][URL=“”]Seejayz/WorldofwarcraftArmory · GitHub

On the summary page, it shows that it is communicating with the DB by listing my latest achievements…


But if I click on any of the categories, it just says loading and never loads anything…


I hope someone has a modified version of this working for TC, what a great mod! Thank you in advance!

I remember that one time I used the Shadez’s Armory, it took a hell lot of time to load that page up correctly, but not only that one, that armory is overall slow because of the PHP → XML → PHP → HTML conversion.

Shadez’s currently working on a framework which then will have the armory implemented in. It will be quite fast. Give the guy some time…

PS: Don’t use Seejay’s, the guy doesn’t know how to code really.

Seejay’s is based off of Shadez… idk what changes he made but… it does work …just news feed and calender doesn’t.

Here .diff patch of Armory and .Sqls with updated code for new logging system

It won’t load because the XML isn’t wellformed. Some characters are not encoded properly, see Firefox Web-Console or anything like that. It’ll show you where it gets stuck.

I think is browser problem

Using XML for templating has no point anyways, it just slows down the whole page.