WoW Mac Binary

I wasn’t sure where to put this but i’m reaching out to the community in help looking for a Mac Binary/App for 6.2.4 21355. I have 21463 have i read that there isnt much difference that the server should be able to run either or. Im doing some work on getting the 21355 working with the connection patcher. But the version i have will not connect to the server because the server is on 21355. IM asking if anyone has a copy of the binary or app for the 21355 that they would be will to share. Either untouched or pre-patched either is fine. Thanks in advanced.

PS: Mod please move if it belong somewhere else.

we don’t support older builds than the current for 6.x, update your server.

I was mainly asking the community its self if someone had the binary or .app. Im not looking for specific help with the trinity server its self.

You might want to take a look here:

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