WoWArmory Patch (26/11/2012)

Hi there.

Some days ago i updated WoWArmory Patch to last rev.

It works both with CJ’s and Shadez armory, no errors, easy install.

patch -p1 < *.patch
Shadez Armory (3D Viewer Included) - Shadez/wowarmory · GitHub

Seejayz Armory (Never used this, but patch works with this armory) -…fwarcraftArmory


It looks like a relatively simple mod to add neat functionality. For sanity sake would you mind linking to said Armories so the fine folks here know where to download it as well.

Perhaps this repository

Added links to first post


I suggest to use git apply.

[CODE]git apply --check …/patches/wap.patch

error: patch failed: src/server/game/Battlegrounds/Battleground.cpp:746

error: src/server/game/Battlegrounds/Battleground.cpp: patch does not apply

error: patch failed: src/server/game/Entities/Item/Item.cpp:276

error: src/server/game/Entities/Item/Item.cpp: patch does not apply[/CODE]

I think need some changes.

Maybe this one will work.

It’s not tested, but I fix some errors. (Code isn’t changed.)



Hey Guys.

Sorry but what is the right way?

git apply --check …patch or patch -p1 < …patch ???

git apply --check …/armory.patch
fatal: corrupt patch at line 16

patch -p1 < …/armory.patch
patching file src/server/game/Achievements/AchievementMgr.cpp
patch: **** malformed patch at line 14: = time(NULL);

thx u very much. i’ve been searching for this error for 3 days coz my git doesnt display any errors, i’ll fix and reupload patch

Oh. Okay. I thank you but what is the right way for me?

the patch … or the git apply?

Every week i make core update so i wont apply the patch every week /emoticons/default_sad.png

just wait until i will update it, ive no idea whats wrong with my git. it’s display no errors, im like blinded trying to figure out where is the problem

I’ve been going over the patch code and filtered out most of the problems, but I am stuck on 2 more errors coming out of this section in the Player.cpp

/** World of Warcraft Armory **/
void Player::InitWowarmoryFeeds() {
// Clear feeds

void Player::CreateWowarmoryFeed(uint32 type, uint32 data, uint32 item_guid, uint32 item_quality) {
if (GetGUIDLow() == 0)
sLog->outError(LOG_FILTER_SQL, “[Wowarmory]: player is not initialized, unable to create log entry!”);
if (type <= 0 || type > 3)
sLog->outError(LOG_FILTER_SQL, “[Wowarmory]: unknown feed type: %d, ignore.”, type);
if (data == 0)
sLog->outError(LOG_FILTER_SQL, “[Wowarmory]: empty data (GUID: %u), ignore.”, GetGUIDLow());
WowarmoryFeedEntry feed;
feed.guid = GetGUIDLow();
feed.type = type; = data;
feed.difficulty = type == 3 ? GetMap()->GetDifficulty() : 0;
feed.item_guid = item_guid;
feed.item_quality = item_quality;
feed.counter = 0; = time(NULL);
sLog->outDebug(LOG_FILTER_UNITS, “[Wowarmory]: create wowarmory feed (GUID: %u, type: %d, data: %u).”, feed.guid, feed.type,;
* World of Warcraft Armory **/

Visual Studio gives me the following error messages:

function ‘void Player::InitWowarmoryFeeds(void)’ already has a body
function ‘void Player::CreateWowarmoryFeed(uint32,uint32,uint32,uint32)’ already has a body

Any idea how to fix this?

void Player::InitWowarmoryFeeds(void) is probably completed with initialization then I guess, same for createwowarmoryfeed

So, this bit has to be cut out?

No more news ?