XP bar on client with maxplayerlevel set to 100

TrinityCore rev. ecd74a8cccc1 2016-02-22 16:47:42 +0100 (3.3.5 branch) (Win32, Release) ← YES! YES! I know, it’s a few days old…lol…my last server from you guys ran almost a year non-stop.

Any way…

My wife just hit level 80 and still wants to earn her talent points. In the worldserver.conf, I set MaxPlayerLevel = 100 and restarted the server, but her XP bar on her client machine does not come back. So would it come back or not? Your still able to level up, yes?

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How is this “custom” when the setting MaxPlayerLevel is in the worldserver.conf, and it even tells you it does not recommend setting higher than 100?

It is custom because it is not blizzlike. Also from what I remember the hiding of the XP bar is client side. So you may need a client side patch to enable it. But then again I have not looked into it.

Ahhh…ok. So why is the server allowed to roll on up to 255 instead of stopping at 80?

That doesnt mean that you cant tweak it server side that the player keeps earning levels and XP though.
Dont know if simply tweaking the config settings allow that to happen or if it already does and just the XP bar was the issue.

Try see if the characters database’s characters table has the field xp changing over time of trying to do quests and get XP. Note that you probably wont get XP once you are over a certain level… like from grinding etc.

When everything was coded, 80-100 was probably thought as the maximum level cap. (100 because of later expansions)
The level is represented usually by uint8 or unsigned char, which have the number range from 0 to 255.
But the code may not be designed with 255 as level cap so things might not work with it. Also the client is known to crash in some occasions if the level is at 255 and some formulas probably break at too high levels and stats.
Overall it is not suggested to have levels over 80, as that is the client designed limit and all other limits are likely not working properly.

Well her XP rate is going up in the characters db, so I guess it’s working. She’ll just have to stop biting my ass about the XP bar…lol.

Thanks Rochet2.