I have noticed some creatures giving an oddly high amount of experience on kill but I can seem to find where exactly to fix it. Is there some easy way of fixing it like changing amount of gold creatures drop or is it calculated by player and creature level that will not be so simple to fix?




Description: Experience rates.

Default: 1 - (Rate.XP.Kill)

1 - (Rate.XP.Quest)

1 - (Rate.XP.Explore)

Rate.XP.Kill = 1

Rate.XP.Quest = 1

Rate.XP.Explore = 1

Else, maybe your World table (creature_template) is messed up ?

no way of just changing a single creature?

Creatures gives xp based on a lot of factors, what’s “oddly high amount of experience” for you with what xp rate?

Well what are those factors so i can figure it out? Everything is set to default in config but the Stone Trogg Ambusher http://www.wowhead.com/npc=43134 seems to give more than other around.