Yogg-Saron Script

Hey, I was searching on the interlolz for some Yogg-Saron scripts and I found this. Its very glitchy and I had to fix about 500 lines to match up with new TrinityCore, but its a good base for people to start off if Trinity decides to start working on Ulduar any time soon





I’d love to see this implemented into the core or atleast worked on by others. Thanks.

Credits to Horn (A TC dev =D) & myself.

Horn - Created the original script and such

Myself - Updated it and fixed compile/sql.

thanks for sharing your work!

No problem. I’ll post credits to the other guy who did the base of it in a few. (Gotta find it /emoticons/default_sleep.png )

Updates coming soon. I’m aiming to fix the Sara phase.

Horn’s updated version pushed.