2 Questions About Code Interface


since I am still pretty new with the code interface of TrinityCore I would like to ask few questions about things that I cant (If I may). I spend hours of searching in Google and TrinityCore but I couldn’t find a solution for the following:

1. I am trying to make a spell never hit the current target enemy (Creature A), but still hit one additional nearby enemy (Creature /emoticons/default_cool.png. Also I would like to make sure if the player is not targetting neither Creature A or Creature B, he would still hit only one of the targets with the spell. All I managed to come up was this:

[CODE] if (!target || target == victim)

				    return false;[/CODE]

But it still hits sometimes the current target

2. I couldn’t fire in the code a place, where I could prevent an aura to be removed when the player changes stance. Basically, I’m trying to prevent the spell from being removed when the stance is changed.

Any help or advice for where to look is greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance guys. /emoticons/default_smile.png