[3.3.5] Any way to make a Vehicle NPC able to walk/float on water?

As the title says, is there a way to make a Player-Controlled Vehicle NPC (i.e the Wintergrasp Tanks) be able to drive on Water (similar to as if the NPC had levitate or water walking applied?)

I’ve tried the following things, which haven’t worked:

[ul][li]Casting Levitate on the Vehicle[/li]
[li]Casting Water Walk on the Vehicle[/li]
[li]Casting Path of Ice on the Vehicle[/li]
[li]Manually setting the Vehicles WaterWalk flag[/li]
[li]Adding the water walking/hover aura to the Vehicle[/li]
[li]Manually forcing the vehicle to UpdateMovementState[/li]
None of the above has worked, as when the player drives the Vehicle into the water, it sticks to the bottom of the water (i.e walking on the ocean floor).

Does anyone know how (either through LUA or a C++ patch) to allow a Vehicle to drive on the water’s surface?