3.3.5 Issue Regarding TradeSkills/Achievments/CombatLog Being Banned

So I’ve created a new tinitycore server from scratch and the only things I’ve moved from my previous SQL server is the character database. I had to manually link my ID back to the number it was again to get my characters to show up which worked fine and I’m able to login and I still have all my gear/spawned where I last was/ect. The only problem that I can see so far is there seems to be an issue when I go to open up my blacksmithing menu I get Couldn’t lod Blizzard_TradeSkillUI: Banned. I don’t see any banned addons in my SQL database at the moment. Another problem is the same error message only for achievements and the combat log not being able to load due to “Banned”. If anyone has any idea what this could be in relation to it would be very helpful. I would note that the SQL database I was utilizing is based off an earlier version of trinitycore, though I don’t think it was too far behind current. I was utilizing this repacks database - https://www.ac-web.org/forums/showthread.php?211443-Official-AC-Web-Ultimate-Repack-(3-3-5a)(Eluna-Engine)