[3.3.5] [Script] Custom Level Rewards

This script will mail players one Satchel of Helpful Goods for every level you gain up until 60, and reward a different level satchel depending on your level range. Also, it will reward a Traveler’s Backpack at levels 5, 10, 15, and 20. Beyond level 60, it will award 5g * current level.

It should be easy enough to figure out how to add your own items, or adjust the gold amount to suit your needs.

A new case can be added if you need to add an item at a specific level.

Here’s the script:


I want to give credit to @dane for setting me on the right path to get this script working.

Also, @Rochet2 for helping get the mailer working.

After using this script for a bit, I have noticed a flaw. If your bags are full, you will not receive the items, and also they will not be mailed to you. I think that I’m going to try and figure out how to change this script so that it always mails you the items, to avoid the full bag issue. Any help is appreciated!

Updated the script to mail the items, instead of giving them directly, which avoids the full bag issue. Thanks to Rochet2 for helping with the mailer!

Is there a chance you can update this once again? :smiley: