[3.3.5a] Creature movement

Hey everyone!

I am back from a TC break. It has been a while I did not do anything with TC and I’m enjoying the new version ! I tried updating my old scripts (custom events) and I encountered some issues.

I’m working with cpp script. First, I am not familiar with the new system of creature movement - ground, fly, swim, etc. I use the MotionMaster.MoveTakeoff method and I handle a lift off animation on my NPC (Kalecgos here).

[li]Case 1 with flight set to 1, it works, but NPC have a weird levitate animation on idle (see attachment) ;[/li]
[li]Case 2 with flight set to 0 and SetDisableGravity(true), it doesn’t work as expected. He walks on air.[/li]
Moreover, I am on a custom map exported from MoP (Theramore Isles). I didn’t success to extract correcly the vmaps and mmaps, so my NPCs move through the stairs (outside of the tower).

If you have any guess :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks !!

Script Sample :

case EVENT_CONVO_21:
events.ScheduleEvent(EVENT_CONVO_22, 4000, 0, PHASE_INTRO_CONVO);

case EVENT_CONVO_22:
kalecgos->GetMotionMaster()->MoveTakeoff(3, { kalecgos->GetPositionX(), kalecgos->GetPositionY(), kalecgos->GetPositionZ() + 60.0f });