[3.3.5a] Script c++/Anzu - question

Hi there,

so im trying to rewrite anzu script, for fun cos his EventAI is not good enough for me and im hoping to learn something new. But i want to ask a few questions so i wont spend half of my life working on something impossible or almost impossible…

  1. i was not able to find anywhere where are animations stored, how they are executed or where to find them. (animations like door opening or second phase of mimiron encounter where his body emerges from an elevator, or fourth phase where all parts are combined) Im guessing its the same principle like finding and/or implementing anzu summoning animation :


So my first question is if this is possible and how.

  1. i am still missing few spells, like the banish which anzu casts on himself, spell to summon 15xBrood of anzu (with animation possibly ?) and spell which is cast on hawk/falcon/eagle spirit when they come to stone (when HoT efect on them expires)… whats the best way to find thoose spells? its impossible to search wowhead, cos i get 7000+ hits and only 500 are displayed…

i know you maybe think im crazy or something like that, but when im doing something i want it done the best way possible.

Thanks very much in advance, ANY help is appreciated… (i hope there will be more than in my last post…)


You can see his abilities there.

EDIT: Hmmm… I just noticed… He does not have cpp within the core, however, his spells work when you engage him.


I am currently away from my PC and I am wondering… Is he currently working as SAI?

Afaik, EAI and since it’s a boss he must be c++.

yeah i found thoose abilities, i meant thoose visuals that would make it more blizzlike, like the spell that is cast on hawk/eagle/falcon spirit when there is no HoT present on them, if its banish or something else… and other animations that you can see in that video…

but i stumped upon 2 problems in his spells:

  1. according to wowhead and every other site he uses this ability http://old.wowhead.com/spell=42354 to banish himself, but it only lasts for 45sec, he should be banished for 1 minute…

  2. according to wowhead he uses http://www.wowhead.com/spell=37156, according to other sites he uses http://www.wowhead.com/spell=22120, which one is right?

  3. i found out that i have no idea what are the cooldowns/timers of his spells, and i have no access to oficial blizzard servers

if anyone could help with this that would be great…

Deadly boss mod for 3.3.5a is a great help on timers.

Anzu is now c++