335/434/6.0 Sub catagories

Would it not be easier if the support category had different sub categories for the server versions?

No. The oposite, most of problems are valid for all branches.


Hi ,

Very good question “Billy”

Very Typical answer from “Aokromes” !

“most of problems are valid for all branches” REALLY !

This would work very well and needs considered , but as you have seen the answer to this thread I would think it will never happen … Shame

my two cents


when we apply a label it means “this issue affects only this branch”, so we can filter (or filter out) them

I was wondering about it because it seems like the 3.3.5 is going to be getting to a point where it will be primarily questing problems. So if anybody out there wanted to dedicate time to a particular server version, it would make it a lot easier for that person to find those problems. Instead of searching through a list of titles that most of the time do not even have the server version listed, I thought it might be easier to let the users go to the version they are reporting on and post their problem under the appropriate version, but that’s what bug-tracker is for. Even though there are probably lots of people that don’t want to have to setup an account just to report a bug.

Either which way, it was just a curiosity thought.

You can filter out any issue labeled with 4.3.4 and 6.x to get the list of 3.3.5 issues : https://github.com/TrinityCore/TrinityCore/issues?q=is%3Aopen+is%3Aissue±label%3ABranch-4.3.4±label%3ABranch-6.x+

Just add a - sign before the filter so that it looks like -label:Branch-4.3.4