Hello there everyone.

These are fixes for cataclysm and are ment for trinitycore.

It contains about 500 spell fixes and alot of other cataclysm features are fixed as well as many opcodes.

The patches are aproximately 12 months old, hence they will have to be applied manually. Most of them are tested and works, even the archeology WORKS 90%.

I am releasing this here in hopes of some more productivity at the 4.3.4 repo, as 3.3.5 is 6 years old by now… And contributing is the best way /emoticons/default_smile.png

I hope that the trinitycore devs or you guys here will find some of it useful.

Especially since it has SQL for spawns among maelstrom, hyjal and other places.

I really hope we can get alot more 4.3.4 activity and that some of these patches will be applied /emoticons/default_smile.png



You would get a better response if you were to PR the fixes…


In a more serious note, I’m checking the code atm. Some things are a little bit weird /emoticons/default_smile.png

I cant go PR the fixes as there are over 900 patch files… As i know the developers look through this, its the best way /emoticons/default_smile.png I hope you find something you can use nay! As I really love the 4.3.4 repo but things like looting a creature wont work, and alot of other things. Really hope we can kickstart some progress there and slowdown on 3.3.5 as 3.3.5 is soooo damn old

Why are there so many patches that are exactly the commits that we did to 4.3.4?

some of them are, as they were added over, but most of them are not.

OMG ty!

probably there are some TC commits because they merged them or they created patches from the whole commit history which also includes the TC commits. Maybe.

Looks like this was extracted from ForgottenLands core…


The commits start from page 88 onwards. There are some interesting commits, maybe something can be salvaged.

hmm https://github.com/TheSecretPublisher/ThisIsSparta/tree/master/sql/forgottenlands ??? are those Update Older than this or more Recent? This one has FL and 5 man ET dungeon’s Boss scripts.

Essentially, Your link and My link came from the same source but link you provided is leaked some time later.

However, because there is no commit history, it is a bit harder to find out what was implemented and in which way.

Yes this are commits from my repository,

i will release this things for public so

LoL nice catch, too bad this are our old fixes (really OLD).

Sharing fixes is better late than never

why dont you be nice to the community and share your latest then? catas been out for years, help out man