434 Trinity Damage Modifier. (creature)

[COLOR=rgb(51,51,51)]hello, does anyone know how to modify creatures damage without dbc editing?

[COLOR=rgb(51,51,51)]health modifer works, armor modifier works etc. damage modifer will not function for some reason.
[COLOR=rgb(51,51,51)]i did modify creatures damage through worldconfig and it worked on some creatures. but new made creatures hits 1.

[COLOR=rgb(51,51,51)]help appericated.


[COLOR=rgb(51,51,51)]willing to pay if needed.

[COLOR=rgb(51,51,51)]- Reng.

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allright sorry , btw i figured it out. stats was not set for level 85 no clue why.

No clue why? Because for the stats to be defined someone has to define that.

Either nobody did it (unlikely) or the ones that did never bothered submitting the fix to TC (very likely).

I tried to add you to skype but it didn’t find you on the search directory, glad you figured it out.