7.2.0 Branch

[COLOR=rgb(39,42,52)] I am getting with 7.2.0 branch is incompatible realmd is what it is saying when I select the realm list, not sure how to fix this, thanks.

update your core, client and db.

Thanks Aokromes so much for your help. Do you have any issues with logging in to branch 7.2.0 because now I am getting a problem with it not logging in, it is really strange when I first start up the server it lets me login okay but if I wait a bit then login it wont let me login. Does 7.2.0 work okay for you?

This is a server issue that has been going on for some time now that allows the client and server to listen to a certain socket that is not always allowing the connection to connect, which also can have disconnects happen at time to time. This is a issue I have been working on with a fix coming soon which I will post that will help the socket listen better for connection.