[7.2.0] Item editing


I recently compiled the Legion on TrinityCore 7.2.0 TDB. I’m trying to get to know the differences between Wotlk and WoD / Legion modding. The biggest surprise was the missing item_template DB table.

Because the documentation is still not complete, do you have any idea how to edit the name, description or price of an item? I will be very grateful for any information, thanks.

Then it means you cannot

Well, I’ve already seen the modified items. The question is, how to work with them.

The only way you can edit the item_template when using 7.2.0 is editing dbc files .db2 which is a modification to the client which is prohibited by the forums. Or you can edit item_sparse

No, you can do this with related tables in hotfix database (item, item_sparse) - they behave exactly like editing db2 directly (and you also need to fill hotfix_data)

Oh, thank you. Trying to edit my items now, but in hotfix_data is also column named “TableHash”. Where can I find it? Don’t see any data like that in table info.

Well, sorry for stupid question. Here is my answer.


Thanks for your help. :slight_smile:

That sucks for people still using 4.3.4 though there is no hotfixes for it.

This is not correct. Hotfixes are supported in 4.3.4. A few months ago I have implemented support for ItemExtendedCost hotfixes on a 4.3.4 emulator.

What I mean is it does not come with the database that trinitycore has open for 4.3.4 Not only that but hotfixes is really a bad and poor way to handle things and is really a hack.