[7.3.2] Custom instance script and saving system

Hello ! I’m actually working an a “custom” instance script, i don’t have difficulties with trinity functions for the moment, but only with the “saving system”, because pending on the reset timestamp, i get kicked at reconnexion with character OR when the server restart.

The instance isn’t really an instance, because it didn’t have any bosses, the map difficulty is 12 (one man scenario), and can have only 1 player in.

The goal of the instance is not to kill any bosses, but to find and activates 5 gameobjects, all gameobject “used” are stored in the instance db, like the 3 statues in gundrak.

It works, the column data, from instance table in characters return :

2 1764 1617025600 12 0 E H 0 0 0 0 0 0

The instance_reset time is defined by myself in sql command, because it didn’t created one, and it didn’t update so.

Interesting fact about it,

When the reset_time is superior than actual time, you can disconnect and reconnect in the instance without being kicked, but logging after server reboot cause the kick.

When the reset_time is inferior than actual time, you can’t disconnect/reco in the instance without being kicked, but you don’t get kicked when loggin after server reboot.

Anyway, i have multiples problems, what should i do for fixing this ? I want an instance who didn’t reset after server reload or disconnection, only after few days.