8.2.5 TDB

So, I’ve worked with compiling many cores before; and I’m a little confused. I’ve gotten to the point in the Wiki were I put together the databases and populate them; and I’m lost. The wiki instructions specifically state to download the TDB_Full_*.7z, but all 8.x TDB releases only appear to have source code files with an empty base world.sql and TONS of update files. If memory serves (it has been a while since I’ve compiled Trinity); these files do not populate the world db with the initial data; but updates them.

So, I suppose what I am asking is, for MASTER branch, which TDB do I need to start with to get the full database; before using the other 8.x releases to update the DB? Would it be the last Legion database release?

EDIT 1: From what I’m able to gather, I can use TDB_Full_735.7z to install base data; and then use the latest 8.2.5 world updates from the source tar to update to 8.2.5 data. Requiring only the two zip files. Is this correct?

EDIT 2: I found the 8.2.0 full release in the tags section, I will start from their and update accordingly.

Well I got it done, but now I’ve used the extractors from the latest pull and world server does not like 250 from 1 of the dbc’s. I am on master fork and running a client. Is core still expecting the 8.2.0 maps? Perhaps I need to extract again.

EDIT: Patch just dropped today. That could have done it too.