About Offsets

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I find out all Offsets:


Hello, i have the same question…This is what i found about it for the moment…But i cant get it…

If you find the way you tell me please.

This Offsets are easy like he do it :smiley:

For now I'm trying to find the functions for an example for x86:

I have Offsets for 7.0.3 22522
I start with: lang=0x00F3A8BC which is + 0x400000 = 133A8BC
I use IDA to see where is in 22522.

But in 22722 is a lot different, I'm few step from the address that i want  :D  but if someone tell us how will be awesome  :P 
so, please guys give us some guidelines.

PS. Damn that search button ... Duplicate ... (I search it but don't display me anything sorry)


Just find out all offsets which i need :slight_smile:
Have fun guys! :stuck_out_tongue:


and voila 1689 packet received  :D  it was not so hard  :)

and the new one offsets for x86 7.1.0 22731 :smiley:

[22731] send=0x00330589 recv=0x00330493 lang=0x010DDB44

A lot of thx for sharing it, but do you care in telling me what way i could get it too? I would like to i dont need help when a new build is updated :P.

So, okay.
(I did it that way)

I got offsets form "Clasic wow 1.12 5875"

So I start to see how the addresses are stored, where are stored.
From "5875" to "5.1.0 16357" It was easy to find out and match them. (It take me 2 days LoL  :D  )
But after that I found that (I'm big noob at that  :D  ):
The offsets for 'lang' is placed only at audioLocale (I named the addres "GetLocaleClient" is the offset who i need)


You have to play some time with IDA to understand it.
It’s easy just do it.

PS. See in old client where is those and than Try in actual version.
Have fun : [http://pastebin.com/NJYgw8h4](http://pastebin.com/NJYgw8h4)