Hi all, I read the post REST-on-the-SOAP - We want help from YOU! and since I think it is really an important feature, I wanted to know if anything has been done in that direction and what are the plans about the features that should be implemented, and at the end: either REST or SOAP?


I’m working on an external REST API written with Laravel in PHP: http://community.trinitycore.org/topic/11350-trinitycore-json-restful-api/

This is great! But what about making it an official trinitycore component, or including it in a more general TC API?

​Although it has already several features, and already powers several kind of applications, I think it’s still much incomplete. We have to increase the amount of contents provided and features. Also the software design really needs to be improved (it is my first experience using Laravel framework). I just hope others will join the development and help in completing it.

I plan to support 6.x version too in future releases. If you have other suggestions, you are welcome =)