Adding RBAC Into a server

So, I currently have a 3.3.5 core which doesn’t have RBAC included. (Wierd, I know right?), Anyway, my pinfo command isn’t working, i even tried editing the cs_misc.cpp file to get pinfo to work correctly like i had to do with gm vis.

Anyway, I think the solution would be adding RBAC into this core, But does anybody know how i can do that and get it to work while also keeping all of my stuff how it is? or just simply able to fix my pinfo issue. - Here you will see what pinfo shows and doesnt show.

I know how to do rbac, I’m asking if it can be added into a core that it wasn’t included in. and of course if it isnt possible to add it, I’m asking if anybody knows a way to fix the pinfo command issue.

My bad… apparently I read the ‘I’m missing RBAC’ part without weighing it against what you were asking.

I’m still getting myself back up to speed after being away from TC for a couple years so I’d wait to see if someone more knowledgeable about TC than I corrects what I’m about to say but I’m pretty sure that there isn’t a way to add RBAC into the core because the changes are in-line and not module based so if you wanted your core to include RBAC the only way would be to compile a new core then add your customizations back into the new core.

That said- if you Google “trinity remove rbac” you can find videos and forum posts then attempt to reverse those steps to reinsert it though I’d expect you to be on your own or have to resort to seeking help through other channels.

Really expect your best course of action would be to compile a fresh core and reapply custom changes from there.

As far as your .pinfo issue- I can’t read what the thing you linked says because it sits on one line of text then briefly flashes another line before looping back through.

​I kinda figured the best idea would be to compile a new core, Although the scripts that I have working currently would then be useless and stop working. as soon as I compile a new TC and add my scripts, they apparently (according to Rochet2) will need re-making, and sadly I cannot afford to pay somebody to create a new script. I’ve checked google and they are all out-dated scripts regarding the ones i need (i80 Arena), My Solution right now would either be Add RBAC or fix pinfo.

The issue with pinfo is that is only shows Map, Area, Zone and Phase, and isn’t showing the required details (account, GUID, IP, etc) which is of course required. As my server is released i’d rather try and avoid compiling with a new source and having fail scripts to only result in losing my playerbase.

Well… a few of the results when I did the google thing were from EmuDevs so your core not having RBAC could be a result of the same technique. At the very least you could check that out to see what would actually be involved.

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