AddItem command

I am sure this has been addressed but my searches didn’t turn up an answer.

When using the .additem command to get any item that contains an apostrophe, such as .additem [Champion Herod’s Shoulder] Trinity has no earthly idea what that item is. Does the item need to be encapsulated in more than brackets if it contains an apostrophe?

use item id, not name

After searching extensively I finally found a database that would show me item IDs.

So this is a bug and there is no workaround for the apostrophe issue other than using item IDs?

works for me ™ on wow 3.3.5a

[18:28:46] [Champion Herod’s Shoulder]
[18:28:54] You create: [Champion Herod’s Shoulder].

so you requested .additem [Champion Herod’s Shoulder] at sec 46 but you received at 54 ? (you were exposed :D)

Actually he’s right , the command doesn’t work for such item names.

TrinityCore rev. 222164a5cc11+

i pasted the item to use the add item after.

I assume you are using actual item link.
The command is supposed to work with exact item name as well, not just item link. At least from what I recall reading from the command tooltip.
So typing “.additem [Champion Herod’s Shoulder]” in plain text to the chat should work and works for items that dont have apostrophe iirc.