advice on a complex quest chain

I’m doing a bit of custom work on my server and am setting up a new way to do profession quests. I think I’ve formulated the right way to structure the quests, but I thought I’d run it by the experts in here before writing the code to generate the quests.

Here’s the scenario:

There are 10 jewelcrafting skills to be gated by profession quests. Five are ‘novice’ skills and five are ‘advanced’ skills, which each advanced skill requiring a corresponding novice skill to be completed before it can be attempted.

Each profession trainer has some particular quest that he wants completed in his zone (Ex: “Go into Wailing Caverns and pry the Mysterious Gem of Mysteriousness from the cold, dead hands of Lord Serpentis.”). The reward for this quest can conceivably be any of the 10 skills, meaning that players can separate the skill they want to learn from the quest they need to perform.

Once the quest is complete, no more profession quests are available from that trainer. This is intended to spur the player to explore and find new trainers.

Here’s how I am setting it up:

  1. Each skill has one completion quest associated with it which is completed once the action quest is completed and the skill is learned.

  2. Each trainer has his own copy of “I want to learn this skill” breadcrumb quest for each of the 10 skills. These are all in the same ExclusiveGroup so that only one can be attempted per trainer. All breadcrumb quests will have NextQuestID set to the appropriate action quest from the trainer, and those for skills that have prerequisites will have a PrevQuestID set to the prereq skill’s completion quest id.

  3. Each trainer has a version of the “Go do this” action quest for each of the 10 skills. Text and everything are identical, but each has a PrevQuestID set to the breadcrumb quest for the associated skill. Also, all action quests for this skill (across all trainers in the world) are in the same ExclusiveGroup so that, for example, any action quests for skill A1 can only be done once. The hope is that this will also prevent breadcrumb quests from displaying for Action quests that are in an ExclusiveGroup that has already been run.

  4. Once the action quest for a skill is complete, the global completion quest for that skill should complete, hopefully automatically. This in intended to open up quests for subsequent skills.

It’s kind of a complicated scenario, so I apologize for the wall of text. If you can think of a better way to set these quests up, let me know!

Holy cow, conditions look freaking amazing. Solving this problem just got 10 times easier. /emoticons/default_smile.png

Thanks to whomever wrote that. I hope they work as documented!