[Anticheat] Ac1

This is the current anticheat AC1.

so what does it do, based on your config just logs or kicks or bans the speedhacker/flyhacker etc. et.

its made out of the old AC1 patch, with the help of some people here from Trinity and Lorl.

Things that may not work correctly…

Detects people on flying mount as flyhacker seems we need to correct that problem, but dont know where the problem is… so help appreciated.

Future things to inplement:

Would be nice if there was just like manual anti cheat an ingame announcer for gm rank1 and up when there is a cheater.

this should only be inplemented AFTER the bug is fixed about flying mounts being detected as cheaters.

So any feedback and help is appreciated.

I had this patch lying around working on 20 november 2012, but didnt got time after the testing to upload it to trinity and make a post about it.

so it can be that it wont merge right away due changes in trinitycore repo right now…

feel free to make changes and post them so that i can include them in new file.



Nice to see someone cares about this /emoticons/default_smile.png

Just a random guess from someone rather unexperienced, but what about having the individual mount buff as “logical” flyhack identification ? Though I am not sure though;

Something like if (player->IsMounted).

Does the anticheat have any performance impacts?

@Nex every patch has performance impact, its based on the machine you run it on if you notice it or not, i can surely say i didnt notice anything, same as with the passive anticheat of Manuel…

@D3Reap3R i dont know, im not a c++ programmer, i did fix some merge/compile errors and 1 person on trinity helped me with 1 error and lorl a friend of my on my server helped me with it, but that doesnt make me a c++ coder at all ^^

thats why i say, if you make changes and they work, please then share them… because i want this patch to be working like it should since as far as i know in the old days this anticheat didnt trigger THAT much then it does now /emoticons/default_tongue.png

For what? we use warder implemetation right now…

Because warden can’t detect all hacks.

^^ This /emoticons/default_tongue.png

new versio uploaded, should merge now due Mmaps being inserted to the repo

what is the difference between two files?

[B]ac1.patch[/B] and [B]Ac1-passive-jan23-2013.patch[/B] ? old and new?

the ac1 is not mergable with revision of jan23th, so Mmaps, so thats why i added a new patch ac1-passive-jan23-2013

23rd why do so many foreigners get ordinal numbers so wrong?