Aowow for Trinitycore

I stop maintaining my repo, use

In light of recent events, i’ll say this once!

If you expect an awesome out-of-the-box experience, forget it.

If you have no idea, what php is, javascript does or html looks like, don’t even bother.

Aowow is not ‘done’ by any stretch of the imagination. Yes i’m perfectly aware of what i’ve done the past three years, thank you very much, so telling me what features are still missing is moot.

You are still very welcome to get it and tinker on it if you have some idea of what you are doing.

If you need a pointer how a specific part works, write a pm, but i’m not going to set it up for you.

Interesting work but there’s not even a basic setup guide (eg: do Windows users need to install IIS)? Seems like it might generate more interest if people could set it up with relative ease.

Can you guys write up some full how to setup?

It’s now 9 month since my last (quite frustrated) post and i am done insofar, that you can probably set it up without losing your mind.

So, if you waited to try it, now is the time to give it a bash.

And if you are new to this:

Aowow is a web-based database viewer for TrinityCore’s 3.3.5 branch with some light community features. It is essentially for your own server what that famous site with the big red rocket is to Blizzard. Yes, i know what you are thinking “WotLK is sooo 2009”. Well, you are right, but this is a solid enough base, that can go in any direction.

There are still some features missing. A rough list can be found on this etherpad. If i forgot something feel free to edit it in, just don’t expect me to check back too often. As for bugs, there is always Github’s issue tracker, that i check almost daily.

Now, if you, against all odds, want to contribute, but are no programmer, you still can. Since this project is multilingual, there are phrases that i could not reliably translate myself. (No i won’t use the Google translator and neither should you). So if you are fluent in Spanish, Russian or French … please help :x


is working with the trinity database 6.x or is there a comparable tool for a WOD database like


it can be easily adapted, since the API on which is based supports both 3.3.5 and 6.x

Would someone be able to compile this and zip for download?

aowow is php, it does not compile.

I’m sorry I was unclear. There are steps involved in the installation of aowow that I cannot complete. Namely, I need someone to compile the BLPConverter for Windows or upload their already compiled copy of this:

The requirements for doing so are unclear to me. It doesn’t even really seem to explain how to use the Windows versions of the software. I don’t even understand how to begin understanding step 5. But maybe the instructions would make sense if I could open the program?

And I can’t compile the tools on OS X because the SimpleOpt 3.4 website is down. ( ?

I have set up aowow insofar as I am at the main configuration and there is some ambiguity surrounding the proper values for these properties, specifically:

[FONT=‘Courier New’][13] AOWOW SITE_HOST [/FONT]
[FONT=‘Courier New’][18] AOWOW STATIC_HOST [/FONT]
[FONT=‘Courier New’][22] AOWOW CACHE_DIR [/FONT]

There is little to no documentation about the “required empty strings” listed, and what an example of these values would be. If anyone could please provide an example that would be very helpful.

Alright so after I guessed that misconfiguring the siteconfig would not break it, I just went ahead and input test strings to verify exactly what these variables were asking for.

[FONT=‘Courier New’][13] AOWOW SITE_HOST Example:[/FONT]

[FONT=Arial]Note that there is no “http://” prepending the address and no trailing slash at the end (“/”).[/FONT]

[FONT=‘Courier New’][18] AOWOW STATIC_HOST Example:[/FONT]

[FONT=Arial]This is the URI directory where the “static” folder is located, looks like this setting is here for when you’re hosting your site at a different address than your TC server.[/FONT]

[FONT=‘Courier New’][22] AOWOW CACHE_DIR[/FONT]

I learned that this string is not a required string and is only required if you’re using special caching methods


This variable is also not required and is only used in the event you use [22] AOWOW CACHE_DIR

Do not remove any files from the main web directory until installation is 100% complete. I removed “” before I finished setup and it halted the install.

There are descriptions for each option, when you select them. They just didn’t fit into the overview.

	CFG_CACHE_DIR - generated pages are saved here (requires CACHE_MODE: filecache)

could be amended with “leave empty to use php default value” though, true.

You removed the one file that is accessed, the setup checks if it can find itself from the web. Iirc you could just continue here anyway.