Assistance please - Mob Drop Rates

Can someone please assist me?

I want to set the drop rates of all mobs and bosses to drop all possible Rare, Epic, Legendary, Artifact and Referenced in their loot tables and ignore all Poor, Normal and Uncommon items.

My current worldserv.conf is

Rate.Drop.Item.Poor = 0

Rate.Drop.Item.Normal = 0

Rate.Drop.Item.Uncommon = 0

Rate.Drop.Item.Rare = 100

Rate.Drop.Item.Epic = 100

Rate.Drop.Item.Legendary = 100

Rate.Drop.Item.Artifact = 100

Rate.Drop.Item.Referenced = 100

Rate.Drop.Money = 10


Rate.Drop.Item.ReferencedAmount = 2

but still do not get the correct drops. Mobs still drop poor quality items and not showing any greens or above.

Do i have to remove the poor items from the creature loot table?

Are there better settings?

Can some one please advise