Atlassian stupid bullshit wiki

I really don’t understand why Trinity has this stupid wiki software from Atlassian.

Most time it is offline, buggy like hell, cost money, has missing licenses and the worst thing is that is doesn’t support a normal tagged language to create content. Instead you have to use this interactive bullshit gimmicks mostly not working.

Why not just using in the philosophy of Trinity a free and good Wiki software like MediaWiki.

Anyway, besides my anger of today:

All tabs are invisible and it’s written Navitabs Evaluation License Expired

Same issue since this morning.

Is there any downloadable WIKI or do you have

the WIKI for windows as pdf or something?

I would really aprecciate this.

If you need immediately access to the wiki content you have to register yourself. After that you can see at least the source content in edit mode.

Well thank you. but…

Does not work for me.

On I am logged in.

But i cant log into my account from the wiki page.

The wiki has a separate account management as far as I know. Means you have to register a new account.

if you can export this out to another wiki I would be more than happy to host it.

If you search a one-click solution I think you will fail.

However I found here some tools that may can convert the tagged source of confluence wiki:

The question is: Do you have access to a tagged source of the trinity wiki content ?

It will need some manpower to convert it, no question. And on some pages the content needs to be restructured to fit MediaWiki behaviours.


Now it gets critical.

I’m also not able to read the (source)content in edit mode anymore. I just hope all the wiki context is not lost.

It’s not in my responsibility … but if it would … I would start better today to migrate to another wiki than tomorrow.

We opted for 2. I’ll fix the tabs today.

So I am able to see it again this afternoon?

Waited the whole weekend…