BeastMaster script with extras

I am back again, because I was bored. I updated my old beastmaster script to store the pets in a database, instead of hard coded. There are also pet spells (mend pet, feed pet, calldismiss pet) with options to add more if desired. Organized by normal and exotic pets, with stable option and pet food vendor all on 1 npc. sample vendor sql provided. only has some bread. I have updated most of my other scripts like fake players and npc buff.

With this new beastmaster script, you can turn on or off both normal and exotic pets, or make it hunter only or any class in the config file.

Same repository I have had for years…

I may update the repo to use git, but currently it uses mercurial (hg).

Quite certain your beastmaster script doesn’t work anymore with the latest rev.

#include "ScriptPCH.h" #include "SystemConfig.h" These includes can’t be found anymore in the core.