Best Practice to receive Client Version


I just finished setting up the worldserver and bnetserver from Tryinitycore 6.x that I gitted yesterday.

Everything went smoothly thanks to the great documentation on the site.

To make sure I don’t break anyhing, I copied my original WoW folder to another location andpatched the wow64.exe as described.

That went well and after starting it as administrator and with wow-64_patched.exe -uid wow_dede from the command line, the client started up but - surprise surprise - the realm is incompatible with my client. Well I guess this is a correct error message since it looks like I have client version 6.2.4 21463 and according to this, the currently supported client version is 6.2.4 21335.

Well, I bet I am not the first person with this question but I was unable to find any solution by myself. People usually refer to the Blizzard launcher which downloads the game. But I fail to see how this is going to help me when it downloads the wrong version automatically.

Should I just wait a few days until Trinitycore is compatible with my client version? Does it usually just take a few days until the code is upgraded or will it take months until some update is going to happen?

If so, is there any other way to download a specific old client version? Can the Blizzard Launcher somehow do that when for example patching some ini file?

Are there patches or something alike out there to download a really old version and upgrade from there?

I bet this came up before and I’m sure somebody can help me out and let me know what I should do from here on :slight_smile:


You should disable automatic client updates. Current patcher does this for you (but beware that the Launcher still updates).

The supported build is now 21463 so you should have no problems logging in now.

Also, if you have plans to play retail and tc, make a copy of client and run patcher on client and play on copy for tc.

Thanks for your replies. I compiled the new source and it looks like it works (the incompatible error is gone).

Unfortunately once I connect to the realm I get dropped out immediatly with error WOW51900328. The authserver.exe seems to be working though since I can only login with valid name/password.

Any ideas what could be the issue?

The client is on a different machine than the server. Ports are opened as far as I can tell. What kind of info would you need to help me out? I played aroundwith the log settings but seem to be able to properly configure these for a reasonable output :frowning:

How did you solve? I have the same problem.