[BIN] RWConsole for TrinityCore

RWConsole project

[Last update 26/01/11]

Hello there, I have started the developement of an application in Java to allow people sending ingame command without being connected to the game.

I think I will add some feature like GM commands management and account access management.

The google code is here :GOOGLE CODE PROJECT

The sourcecode hasn’t been released yet but the first test are pretty good.

Some details :


  • Java 1.6



  • SOAP

Localisation :

This project is mostly developped in english in order to allow more people to understand it. But there will be also French stuff because of the origins of the project.

In the future we will develop language packs for :

  • French [default]

  • English

  • Deutsch

  • Español

If you need help with the German translation, just ask me

If you need help with the Spanish translation.

Ok thanks for your replies !

I will try to push the first sources or an alpha download tonight.

The programm will have the basic features I think for the beginning.

Dev is finalized but cannot export a correct distribuable JAr…

If you need help with the Russian translation, send me email.

Hi Elmsroth, update your SVN.

Et merci pour le partage /emoticons/default_wink.png

The Project page already contains an ALPHA DOWNLOAD


Je t’en prie !