[BIN] Truice 2015 (win32)

Compiled Truice for 3.3.5 DB with added fixes https://github.com/chaosua/Truice/commits/master335

http://rghost.ru/6xxQlGp4n (only binary, other parts get from prev releases)

Is there a Truice branch or similar program for the 6.x branch?

Könnte das jemand mal für 3.3.5a compilen bitte.

A 3.3.5 release was just posted 3 days ago, so it’s as up to date as can be, since the last commit to the code was a month ago.

(My french and German suck so hopefully someone can post this.)

Ok thx so sorry i have not see this^^

need functionlib.dll

I sugest you to use http://community.trinitycore.org/topic/11397-keira2-the-trinitycore-database-web-editor-cross-platform/ this looks to be abandoned (again)

Downloaded Keira2 but not sure how to use it, I’m used to using quice but it doesn’t seem to support cata 4.3.4. I was trying to get a copy of Truice and see if that would work but all i get from this site is permission denied at the header of the page and in the body of the page download manager is down for maintenance :frowning:

abandoned again