Blue Wall

Hello everyone,

i would like to know if blu wall can be removed or moved

That will likely need to be asked in the Custom Code forum. However, if it also involves a client edit, you likely won’t get assistance.

I don’t think removing those walls is possible because they limitate the client?

We can go beyond the blue wall. You have to, in order to reach GM Island (for example). It’s an artificial limit, like the invisible walls, that players are simply not meant to cross. There’s even an artificial ceiling that can be crossed. The client is capable of travel beyond these artificial limits, though.

Take the camera limit as an easy way to test artificial limits. If you enable GM Mode to explore the bottom of the ocean(s), you will find areas where you can go all the way to the floor and keep a close view, while there are other areas where the camera is pulled way back. It’s interesting to see what’s down there on the ocean floor, actually. There are ruins and a large skeleton kind of SW of Vashj’ir. Not to mention the gnome and goblin constructs on the ocean floor just east of Tanaris, as I recall. Can’t get too close to either of those without the camera pulling back. There are numerous other tidbits to be found, too.

Agree, practically a whole world left undeveloped. Perhaps a future expansion?

Or bored 3D modelers that left extra tidbits in from their playing around. Who knows. It was fun to explore and find things like that, though. Kind of like the unfinished areas of Kalimdor before the Cata map updates. I remember merely using a mount to climb certain mountain areas to get into a few areas (south of Un’goro and Silithus but still part of the main continent, or western edge of Stonetalon Peak as I recall). The mismatched textures and jagged edges were clues to being left as “filler” data.

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