Branches For Specific Versions

From a development standpoint how hard would it be to add branches on github for specific versions of clients? Right now there is mostly the master branch, 3.3.5, and BfA. If you wanted to build for a specific client like MoP before the legendary cloak quest was unavailable, or Legion 7.2.5 before scaling was added is that possible with Trinity or do you have to resort to other projects that just branched off from Trinity long ago and may no longer be updated?

tc never suported mop, so you will need one non-tc.


From where you will get all the missing sniffed data for old expansions (in several languages)?

Even if there is a lack of data to fully support old versions, isn’t there some value in supporting specific versions to the extent you can?

I’ve been away from TrinityCore for a few years. Looking around since I left I see more projects that have broken off based on TrinityCore based on a focus on specific versions of WoW. Worse than that I see a lot of private servers advertising for developers or with paid developers. I doubt the latter submits much if any code back to this project even though they wouldn’t exist without it in the first place. It just seems like a lot of effort gets spread out over many projects when none of them can hope to have the resources to finish everything.

Even if there were unsupported branches that were more inclusive of things that weren’t ready for supported branches it would at least make the game client experience more complete.

I’m wandering a bit off topic. If there were multiple branches and DBC for specific versions can a commit be tagged for multiple versions and applied automatically, or does a fix that only applies for certain versions have to be applied to each branch separately?