Brunnhildar Warmaiden (29498) & Hyldsmeet Bear Rider (30175) - complete fix

DELETE FROM `creature_addon` WHERE `guid` IN (SELECT `guid` FROM `creature` WHERE `id`=29498); DELETE FROM `creature` WHERE `id`=29498; DELETE FROM `vehicle_template_accessory` WHERE `entry`=29500 AND `accessory_entry`=29498; INSERT INTO `vehicle_template_accessory` (`entry`,`accessory_entry`,`seat_id`,`description`) VALUES (29500, 29498, 0, 'Brunnhildar Warbear (The Storm Peaks)');[/sql]

[sql]DELETE FROM creature_addon WHERE guid IN (SELECT guid FROM creature WHERE id=30175);
DELETE FROM creature WHERE id=30175;
DELETE FROM vehicle_template_accessory WHERE entry=30174 AND accessory_entry=30175;
INSERT INTO vehicle_template_accessory (entry,accessory_entry,seat_id,description) VALUES
(30174, 30175, 0, ‘Hyldsmeet Warbear (The Storm Peaks)’);

I thik ‘minion’ should be 1 (die, when vehicle dies)

no. these are always two single npcs only mounted together.

Here you can see that when Hyldsmeet Warbear is killed, its rider instantly dies as well (afaik even player instantly dies if his bear gets killed there)

BTW: what does “complete fix” mean? I would expect that it includes all required scripts (and pathing, in case of Brunnhildar Warbear) :wink:

rofl… complete spawnfix of course. /emoticons/default_wink.png

as far as i remember these npcs doesn’t die if one of it dies. but i’ll not haggle me over those things… if you mean - okay… it doesn’t matter for me whether this goes into the tdb or not. /emoticons/default_wink.png i use anyway my own db (based on tdb). /emoticons/default_wink.png i thought only that i could perhaps help a little bit to “clean up” this area because it looks very bad atm (compared to the retail)…

Sweet baby jesus you are awesome.

you me too!