Bugged Quest The Final Code

hi guys

tried to fix that quest but it seems im not smart enough for it… can you help me XD

This is the event that will happen when the object is actived!

[li]Command 8 kill credit 21039[/li]
[li]cast spell (camera shake) for me to see the event is triggered!!![/li]
the spell work the kill credits doesnt… why??? /emoticons/default_sad.png

DELETE FROM `event_scripts` WHERE id='13470';

INSERT INTO `event_scripts` (`id`, `delay`, `command`, `datalong`, `datalong2`, `dataint`, `x`, `y`, `z`, `o`) VALUES

('13470', '0', '8', '21039', '1', '0', '0.0', '0.0', '0.0', '0.0'),

('13470', '1', '15', '44762', '1', '0', '0.0', '0.0', '0.0', '0.0');

i dont understand why is not getting the kill credit… any ideas?