[C++] Quest status problem

Guys, i’m having an issue with QUEST_STATUS on my custom script. When i want sript to do something when you finish quest, should it be QuestStatus::[COLOR=rgb(0,0,0)]QUEST_STATUS_REWARDED? Becouse nothing happens.
Here is the script itself:
void OnQuestStatusChange(Player* player, uint32 questId, QuestStatus qu$

[COLOR=rgb(0,0,0)]Quest dosen’t have any reward, could problem be there?
Thank you for any answers

It seems the quest status hook only fires when quest status is changed, not when a quest is added or removed.

Try this: https://github.com/Rochet2/TrinityCore/commit/c5dccfb1c7c3610c39bf3b7b95ac2bfb9a679d74

It should be noted that there are hooks in CreatureScript for quest accept and reward.

Related PR: https://github.com/TrinityCore/TrinityCore/pull/17865