Cant buy from any vendor MASTER TDB720

Latest master.

Using: TDB_world_720.00_2017_04_18 , TDB_hotfixes_720.00_2017_04_18

DB built fine and all updates applied i think.

All runs and I can get into server.

But i cant buy anything from any vendors in the starting areas.

Tested human, night elf, dreni. With and without gm accounts. Gm tele to cities and still vendors not working.

Right clicking items to buy just does nothing. Drag and drop / shift click dont work either.

Selling to and buy back works fine.

Iv rebuildt core and DB from ground up 4 times and always vendors wont sell me things.

Cant see anyone else having this problem so i must be doing something wrong!?


Have you tried reloading the databases without the vendor updates because I noticed when I reload the database without updating but just wondering if you did the update.

Yea i think it auto updated everything. How do i disable the vendor update is it a certain sql file i need to remove?


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