Casting "Area Death (TEST)" - "The Spell is not available to you" ?

Once upon a time I was messing about on my 3.3.5A server and turned a character into a GM to mess about with the commands available. I was having fun with the “Area Death (TEST)” spell and then moved on to other things.

Now months later, I started another character for ~reasons~ and I ran “.learn all gm” to give myself the BLIZZARD tab in my spellbook. While I am able to cast the buffs (“Master Magic” “LeCraft Test Spell” “Master Ranged Buff”) as well as “dmg9”, etc, I cannot cast “Area Death (TEST)”. When I try I get “The Spell is not available to you”.

This is weird because I can cast it on the old character (Level 21 Draenei Mage) which is in the same account as this new character (Level 21 Dranei Mage).

Why would this be? What setting have I missed?

Figured it out: the more powerful GM spells can only be used while in GM mode. In hindsight it seems obvious.