Change boss health and loot drop chances

Trying to change the health and loot drop chances of certain bosses and have tried restarting the world server even, but when going into the dungeon, the health values don’t seem to change. (please see screenshot). Basically here i change all the main creatures inside this dungeon (Deadmines) to have health of 300. but when going into the dungeon the various health values seem to be 1000+ (the original values). I suspect the drop chances aren’t saving correctly either.

What is the correct way to do this? or what am i doing wrong? thanks.


With regard to health - I use this:


About loot - cannot help your - sorry.

everything in the creature table is just spawns, for health you should change the creature_template for that npc id, as for loot you might as well just change the worldserver.conf, heck you can probably even change the health multiplier for creatures there too if you look

update - you dont need to modify anything in the creature_template, just change the multipliers in worldserver.conf - Rate.Creature.Elite.RAREELITE.HP = 1
Rate.Creature.Elite.WORLDBOSS.HP = 1

you can do the same for loot too, and I suggest you do it via conf instead of changing the db entries because once they get updated in the mainstream repo, and if you have automatic db updates, they will be overwritten. so unless you want custom drop tables for loot for specific bosses, just use the multiplier, else you need to maintain your own custom SQL

Go to “creature_template” and change the health value in there. As changing the health inside “Creature” is only temp.

Once you are inside the "Creature_template" find the colum "HealthModifier" and thats where you change the HP.

Now putting 300 will give the creature alot of health, so you gotta test your way through, getting the creature to 300 health ingame is not impossible tho.

He Said he wanted to change the health of a few creatures and not all, doing that will affect all creature mobs with the Elite Flag.
Which is something you certainly don’t want unless you want to increase the health of every creature in the game or decrease.