Channeled Spell Targets


Before I get to the to the issue at hand, a little back story as I want to show I am trying without demanding to be spoon fed answers.

I have decided to try give back a little to the community after being essentially a leecher for so long. What I have been working on is fixing some visual events missing in outland that bug me and remind me im on an emulator. Things like the Cenarian Thicket, Auchindoun, Sunfury hold, Skettis and Shattrath are some that spring to mind.

I have been able to go from having no idea how Trinity works to getting SAI and C++ scripts going by nothing more than revewing code and the wiki. I garnnered have a great deal of respect for what you guys are doing, holy cow theres alot going on in there!

But now I am stumped, it is something relativley simple im betting, but I am struggling to find an answer myself and would appreciate some assitance.

I have been running around capturing packets of the spell visuals and chat events im trying to work on using 5.4.1. I have no parser that decodes the packets, but I was able to find opcode 357 that contains the spell data by casting buffs on creatures then searching for the spellid in the dumps by reversing the endian and doing a good old fashioned CTRL+F. It’s crude but hey it worked! Using this method I have been able to sucsessfully find and implement the spells to make the firewing point warlocks channel correctly. However a mini event at auchindoun has me scratching my head!

There are 4 npc’s 21902 (Cabal spell-weaver) on live that are channeling spell 38014 (Shadow Council Channel) on NPC 21963 (Enslaved Doomguard) who is not spawned in Trinity by default. The thing is they channel the spell to themselves rather than the doomguard like on live! If I substitute the spell for another channel type they target the doomguard properly. But this bugs me as I know it is not the right spell. Remembering that the Shade of Akama fight has a similar effect, I teleported into the Black Temple and cast spell 40401 (Akama Soul Channel). My cast automagically targeted the Shade of Akama and began to channel. However using this spell outside of the instance made me target myself just spell 38014 does with the cabal spell-weavers which makes me feel certain this can be resolved.

I have looked unsucsessfully in C++, SAI and other places for the spell 40401 so I can see what I need to modify to make the enslaved doomguard channel work properley. I am hoping one of you guys can point me in the right direction. If not ill keep chugging away at it and post an answer when I’ve worked it out.

I have included a screenshot of the issue I am experiencing. I can assure you they are targeting the doomguard, if I change the spell to something like 36878 (white beam) it targets fine.


Thanks! Thought some one would know.