Character Zone ID to Names

I am trying to determine where the “zone” listings are. I am wanting to resolve the zone number from the tables to a zone name such as zone 1519 is Stormwind but I am not seeing anything in the database with a zone name listing?

Does it do it externally matching that zone number to a map file??

Is there a listing somewhere that I can use to match all the zone number to names??

I have searched all over and haven’t seen anything that would help me.

It’s all in the client db2 local databases, that you can extract. I’m assuming you are looking for 7.x ?

Here are the main zones Iv’e worked on my project for awhile. Just use a db2 extractor to gather all zone id’s.

Also, since I’m a nice guy and this file was laying around :wink:

Here is a gist of all 7.x Areatable in sql format.

Thx CDawg I appreciate the help. That will help me with my project.