Client connections 7.3.5

Ok, I have searched and searched for this answer to no avail.

I have built out a 7.3.5 server on debian, no issues there. Then I realized that I needed to build one out on windozzz since that’s where the clients will be running, no issue there as well.

This is what I have done in the past for my 3.3.5a build, once the client is built I just copy the whole game folder over to all my computers/laptops and the game runs fine.

BUT… When I build out the 7.3.5 client it only works on the server I compiled it on. The client will connect to either server I’ve built “Widowz or Linux” but if I copy the client “game” folder over to any other machine, when I try to connect to either server it just hangs at connecting, then after 10 min or so it errors with BLZ51901021.

I guess my question is, is will I have to compile everything again on every machine? or is there a way to just use the connection_patcher on each machine? and if so what all softwares do I have to put on each machine to do so. I’m really trying to avoid installing software on the client machines…

Thanks in advance for any replies to this issue I’m having.


you have to patch the original game exe files on each machine if they didnt have 7.3.5 running before, because the connaction_patcher downloads some files for you to be able to connect

so build your trinity server on your server (linux or win) set it up, etc,
build the tools on a windows machine, you will only need the connection_patcher from it
then patch the wow.exe and wow64.exe in your game, but leave there the original files too

you can then copy your game to any pc, but have to patch the orinal files again