Client Hang

Hello, so i’ve sniffed Maw of Souls. Upon entering The Naglfar, my client hangs almost instanly after mee seeing first 2 mobs there. This happens only if i import creature_addon related queries. Attached SQL for reference.

My question is, is it possible to track on the core what causes client to hang, because there is no logs on the client side.

Thanks for your help


Okay, some more info, problems appearing after importing @CGUID+70 line, dunno where exactly. If all lines imported 1 by 1 (import one, restart server and check, delete previous and import new and so on), this took me around 50 restarts, everything is working fine, however when everything is imported, client crashes

Why do all of these creatures have emote = 3?

This emote code is received by sniffing, so i had no idea that it might be wrong