Cloudflare issues - site not reachable

Lately I’ve been getting a lot of “Site unreachable” errors with a webpage that says there is no cached version and a button to “Click here to try for a live version”. When I click the button, the forums load.

Is this a problem with Cloudflare, the forum software or maybe something in the route from me to the forums?

Happened to me a few times over the last few weeks or so. I googled one of the errors I got and it seemed like the statistical tracking stuff for whatever tracks the heat map stuff was the bottleneck at the time.

heatmaps disabled. also theres been a lot more attacks on the site lately, it doesnt overwhelm the site but the individual routes from the local CDN mirrors sometimes overreact. will work on it.

That’s the problem of having a popular forum. Get too popular and you have a big red target on your forehead. Spammers and malware losers love to exploit forums if they can get away with it.

Just happened to me when (ironically) opening this topic.

Strange, I get a 30ms delay to in a tracert (actually to []) but it still takes over a minute for pages to load…

Cloudflare works as a reverse proxy to the actual server hosting (backend server), so you can ping the IP just fine, but when you try and load the page, Cloudflare tries to make a request to the backend server(s), which when is down or responsive can take a while before timing out and showing a “Site is Offline” page.

I would do live testing but you arent on irc mrsimte /emoticons/default_smile.png

Cleaning cache seems to resolve the issue.

So I had this issue again but this time I got a notice at the top of the screen which actually contradicted the offline page:

  1. I clicked on “Help and support” and got the “this website is offline” message

  2. I reloaded the site and got a banner that said “This site uses Always Online so you can browse a cached version”

  3. I clicked “Help and support” and got the “website is offline, there is no cached version”

So if you’re being charged extra for the Always Online service it isn’t working properly. Also, it seems that using NoScript also causes issues if you don’t allow