Compiling server to use script hotswapping

After compiling the server, I discovered that there is a way to change scripts at runtime, without having to recompile them:

The guide says you just need to use the following command to change CMake, and then rebuild: cmake …/ -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=/home/trinity/server -DWITH_DYNAMIC_LINKING=ON

That should then place a scripts folder in the same folder as worldserver and authserver. Which doesn’t happen, those folders don’t exist.

It also says that worldserver will print messages saying that the various scripts have been loaded. That doesn’t happen either.

So what am I doing wrong?

did you “make install” after rebuilding ?

I wonder if -DSCRIPTS=“dynamic” is needed (even if the wiki says it’s not needed)

Sorry for the late response, I was busy, and now have time again to work on this.

Aye, I redid the whole build and cmake process, and recompiled TrinityCore. I’ve now run the whole process again with your added argument, and it’s now spending a long time compiling the scripts. Hopefully it does the trick, I’ll report back how it goes when I start up the server.

Had some major issues with the server after adding that command when running make. Had to use three cores instead of four, otherwise the server would freeze and have to be restarted.

The WorldServer executable is now 6.7MB, but the only scripts present in the server/bin/scripts folder are 11 files with the prefix libscripts and the extension .so, i.e, There was also no cyan text in the terminal window when launching worldserver.