[Completed]Cmake Rewrite With Source_Group

The title can specify the work i did last 2 days to help community and special for Windows Users to can modify source with ease.

Credits: SkyfireEmu Repository for game Cmakelist.txt


Sorry for being such a noob, but, would you mind telling me what does this do?

Thank you for your time.

It groups the source files inside “folders” within the Solution View in Visual Studio

Is it just me, or are you telling CMake to look for files in paths that SkyFire uses, but TC doesn’t? Other than that, looks promising. Been waiting for this for a while. Curious what our resident CMake guru (click) has to say about it.

to explain : the idea come from skyfire repository, why i putted credits for skyfire and thanks for apreciation.Where you see “file(GLOB” without recourse to evase to show files from subfolders.

This has already been rejected by click almost a year ago, he was waiting for cmake guys to add more proper support, but, if they haven’t, I’d say why not this for now?