[Completed] Quest Pool: Toxic Tolerance

Quest Pooling for the daily quest leading to the horde raptor in un’goro crater.

[CODE]-- Toxic Tolerance questchain for a horde specific mount requires doing
– daily quests. However currently all of those are acceptable daily, though
– only one (random) should be.
– Source: http://www.wowhead.com/quest=13917/gorishi-grub#comments:id=829822
SET @pool1_id := XY; – Orcs, Bloodelves
SET @pool2_id := XY; – Undead, Tauren, Troll

– create new pools, each allowing only 1 out of 4 dailys per day
DELETE FROM pool_template WHERE entry = @pool_id;
INSERT INTO pool_template (entry, max_limit, description)
VALUES (@pool1_id, 1, ‘Toxic Tolerance Daily-Quests’);
VALUES (@pool2_id, 1, ‘Toxic Tolerance Daily-Quests’);

– fill pools with the daily quests, starting from Venomhide Hatchling (c34320)
DELETE FROM pool_quests WHERE entry IN (13915, 13903, 13904, 13905) AND pool_entry = @pool_id;
INSERT INTO pool_quests (entry, pool_entry, description) VALUES
(13889, @pool1_id, ‘Hungry, Hungry Hatchling’),
(13903, @pool1_id, ‘Gorishi Grub’),
(13904, @pool1_id, ‘Poached, Scrambled, Or Raw?’),
(13905, @pool1_id, ‘Searing Roc Feathers’)
(13915, @pool2_id, ‘Hungry, Hungry Hatchling’),
(13917, @pool2_id, ‘Gorishi Grub’),
(13916, @pool2_id, ‘Poached, Scrambled, Or Raw?’),
(13914, @pool2_id, ‘Searing Roc Feathers’);[/sql][/CODE]

has been tested.

looks valid, submit on the tracker and be sure you tag it with both database:quest and patch/fix so its easier to find

Well, don’t listen to Bioharzard (I don’t even know who he is nor he knows what he is doing =P )

No need to create a ticket with the fix. I will rename this topic to [Completed] and push this when I review forum fixes

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